Just a little bit about myself

  Since I was a child I have always been fascinated with the wonders and beauty of  nature in all of it's forms. I spent countless hours watching the birds at my feeders, and studied insects and wildlife in the woods and fields around my home in Central NY. Since retiring from the corporate world, I was able to once again pursue my passion of photographing wildlife and nature. The experience of being in the outdoors and connecting to nature and wildlife, for me, is just as exhilarating as finally getting that great shot.  It is my mission to capture images that inspire us to  appreciate and preserve our precious natural environment.

If you wish to contact me, or are interested in ordering prints, please email me below. Thank you for your interest, and for visiting my site.  hope you have enjoyed the images.

Email: cbarry@cathleenbarryphotography.com                           

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